Q: What is LessStress Link  

A: LessStress Link is a "door to door" private transportation service specializing in child transportation.  

Q: How long has LessStress Link been around? 

A: Although LessStress Link is a new business, we have been serving children in this area for almost 10 years in different ways. You can click on our About Us page to learn more about our story.

Q: Is LessStress Link safe?  

A: LessStress provides peace of mind for our parents and as parents, we do extensive background checks of our drivers, and are very involved in our business to ensure the safety of all of our customers.

Q: What area's does LessStress Link service?   

A: We currently serve the Central Texas area. Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood. If you need a ride outside of this area please Contact Us for pricing and availability. 

Q: What happens when you are full? 

A: LessStress Link tries to help as many families as possible but once we are full, we cannot accept any more kids. A waiting list will be created for the school in need and you will be contacted once someone leaves.  The waitlist can vary depending on the school. It can be days or the entire school year.

Q: How much do you charge, and do you offer sibling discounts?  

A: Click on Pricing and Payment for updated pricing information. 

Q: Is there an application fee?  

A: Yes, there is a one time $10 registration fee per family. There is a reservation fee at the end of the year for returning students only.  This fee guarantee's your child's seat for the following year.

Q: Is a contract required? 

A: No contract is required.  Once you have determined if you are going to use our service and you have not registered online, we will ask you to register your child.  You must agree to our policy to begin service. We will schedule a time to meet based on your availability.  

Q: How does my kid identify you or your driver if we choose not to meet you? 

A: Our vehicles are either wrapped or magnetics are on the side of the door.  If your child is in elementary, each school has a procedure to gather the children in the gym or cafeteria to be released in the bus/daycare lines.  It is your responsibility to notify the school that your child is riding with Taxi Mom. In addition, you should receive an e-mail with the name and a picture of your child’s driver prior to pick up. 

Q: Can I ride only one or two days? 

A: Yes, we offer daily rates.  If we have available seats, we can help. Note: regular daily riders will be charged whether they ride or not due seat restrictions. 

Q: Do you charge for the holiday?

A:  We charge for the Thanksgiving break and Spring break. Note: this applies to our regular daily riders.

Q: Why do you charge for the holidays if my kid is not riding? 

A:  It is important to provide you with excellent service and as an incentive to our drivers, they are given paid vacations for their reliability and hard work.  

Q: How do I pay my bill?  

A: Please visit us on our website, or make arrangements with your driver to pay by credit card. 

Q: Can I cancel at anytime?  

A: Yes, with a two week notice.  Please see parent agreement for specific timelines and cost associated. 

Q: I don't need you daily, how can I ride if there is an emergency?

A: We offer emergency, one time, and last minute rides.

Q: Is it possible for my child to have the same driver every time?

A: We will do our best to provide consistency with drivers and children, because as parents we know that makes our children much more comfortable.  

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